Monday, March 3, 2008

Nudist Colony

An elderly man decides to join a nudist colony. He asks if he can just wander around the grounds to decide if he really wants to join.

He strips and goes for a walk. After a while the man becomes tired and sits on a bench to relax. Along comes a beautiful woman and the sight of her causes the old man to become excited. The woman, noticing the man's erection due to her presence, goes over and satisfies him by performing oral sex on him.

The man is thrilled. He hurries back to the office and tells them he wants to join immediately and pays his dues.

The old man lights up a cigar and goes out for another walk. While walking, he drops his cigar and bends over to pick it up. A young man sees the old man bent over and goes over and performs anal sex on the old man.

The elderly gentleman hurries back to the office to cancel his membership.

"But why," asks the person at the desk, "you just said this was one of the greatest places you ever visited."

"Yes," replies the old man, "but at my age I only get an erection once every three months, but I drop my cigar five times a day."

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