Friday, January 25, 2008

Paw Won’t Like This

One time there was a farm boy coming to town with a big load of hay. Just after they crossed the Cow Creek bridge near old man Johnson farm, the horses got to acting up, and caused the entire load of hay to fall. When old man Johnson came out, he saw the wagon laying on one side, and a pile of hay big as a mountain laying near on the ground. The farm boy was running around wild-eyed, and looked as if he was going to bust out crying and was repeating over and over, “Paw won’t like this,” he said shaking his head back and forth. “Paw won’t like this at all!”

As soon as he saw that the horses weren’t hurt, old man Johnson did his best to get the boy to calm down. “Don’t worry son,” he said, “It ain’t your fault. Things like that might happen to anybody. You just take that team of horses up to my barn, and come eat dinner with us. After dinner me and the hired man will help you stack that hay back on the back of your wagon.”
The boy says he would like to have dinner, but his paw wouldn’t want him to leave the wagon.

“Don’t you worry about that,” says old man Johnson. “I’ve known your paw longer than you have, and I’ll tell him all about it.”

So the boy took the horses up to the barn and fed them. Then he went over to the house and ate a big dinner with the family.

After dinner they all set on the porch awhile, belching and picking their teeth. Everybody tried their best to cheer the boy up, but he continued to act terrible uneasy saying, “Paw won’t like this. I better go back to the wagon.”

The folks just laughed, and said for him not to worry. “The first time I see you paw, I’ll tell him you ain’t to blame,” says old man Johnson. “Maybe I’ll tend to it this evening. Is you paw in town today?”

The boy looked at old man Johnson kind of bewildered, “Why no,” he says, “paw is under that there hay.”

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